The Great Pillage Paintathon 2018…part 3

Smoke flying off the brushes at the moment only 4 weeks left to go!

Here’s the Lord of Slaanesh for the Archaon & Friends list I’m taking to Pillage, work has already begun on the Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut.

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The Great Pillage Paintathon 2018…part 2.5

Frantic painting continues although the excessively hot weather has ever so slightly behind schedule as I was hoping to have Archaon finished last night…sadly that will have to wait until this evening.

That said, he’s almost there & I’ve started work on my Balewind…

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The Great Pillage Paintathon 2018!

As with previous years I have again signed up to the annual event here in Portsmouth, The Pompey Pillage, which is hosted by the Pompey Pirates club.

This year alongside 40k there will also be events running simultaneously for Age of Sigmar and Swordpoint (WH Ancients new name…or so I’ve been told). With that in mind I have signed myself up for AoS this year…however…sticking with tradition I set myself the mammoth task of painting a whole army in two months 😦

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