The Great Pillage Paint-athon part 1

Just a quick post today.

I’ve started painting my list of items to get my list ready for the Pompey Pillage & decided to start things off with the Ratling squads. I’ve managed to get these little buggers done pretty quickly by colour batching so we’re only talking about a few hours over a couple of days to get these done.

I went for a winter look on them as they need to integrate into my existing Imperium forces, all of which have snowy bases.

So, lets cross them off the to-do list 🙂

  • Deredeo
  • 3x Inceptor squads
  • Librarian
  • 2x Ratling Squads
  • Voldus

I’ve also made a start on my Red Hunters Librarian with Jump Pack, mostly base colours at this stage but you get the idea:


Hopefully I’ll have him finished sometime this coming week.


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