Weekend distractions in the 41st Millennium

In the middle of last week I got a message from a buddy I’ve not properly seen for quite a while letting me know that he’s finally got a weekend off & asking if I would like to hook up for some 40ammerz (see what I did there?)

As it turned out not only did he only have a weekend off but he’s also manged to get time off for the Pompey Pillage so we decided to get some practice in. 

It’s worth mentioning now that we had all the intentions of doing a battle report but got waaaay too into the game & beyond deployment we forgot to take both notes & pics….sorry 😛

Now it was very nice to actually have the whole force out on the table as I could see how much I still have to do & it really doesn’t look that much. Here’s a few shots of the gang all together…and some sneaky WiP shots of the Deredeo…

I have to say it was nice to try it all out & gave me a good view on the unit capabilities. I’ll just drop some quick thoughts on some of the units below:

  • Hector Rex: Really great he’s finally had a reduction in points, by a whopping 81pts! He’s pretty good with the ability to cast twice & deny three times he can really put out some worth in the Psychic phase. His real abilities kick in when facing Daemons though with the quarry rules allowing him to reroll hits & wounds. His sword in this latest incarnation is what sets him apart though as it now does 1 mortal wound per hit to anything with the daemon keyword in addition to any other damage, add on top that the main weapon is force sword & he can really put out some hurt.
  • Voldus: I’ve tried him once this edition already, first time was against Orks & he was good then. Being against Daemons took him to whole new level though, an absolute boss!
  • Inceptors: Since their rules were leaked I’ve thought these guys were going to be good. They then stepped up another gear when I remembered (was reminded by my opponent) that the Fly keywords means that they can fallback & shoot as normal! This is not to be underestimated.
  • Deredeo: Puts out some serious fire power, but it’s pretty damn resilient & it managed to survive Belakor for three turns :p
  • Dreadknights: Always loved them & can’t deny that they’re still great. I can’t see myself not teleporting them into battle but if you’re short on points & can’t afford the teleport upgrade you can give them Gate of Infinity to get them where they need to be.

Now my buddy was using Daemons & he’s made some serious progress on this force & it looked great! The numbers they can put on the table now is pretty intimidating, here’s a few snaps…

It was interesting to see Daemons in action again & there were some very interesting happenings:

  • Seekers: Super zippy & assault-y, very impressive. The same can be said for the Daemonettes (albeit at a slower pace) & both are not to underestimated in their ability to dish out damage.
  • Bloodthirster: Terrifying that whopping great axe of his plowed into one of my Dreadknights & did 28 wounds!
  • Belakor: Tricksy & very, very hitty! Beware this fella!
  • Plaguebearers: In the quantity being used (30) they were extremely difficult to shift, I was happy to have taken just over half of the buggers by turn 7.
  • Herald of Khorne on Throne: …and the award for most improved goes to… This guy has to be the real winner of the 8th Edition version of the Daemon army list. The difference is astounding, for the points cost this is an absolute steal & following around a unit of Flesh Hounds buffing them is just a bonus.

Only six weeks left so I better get back to work…


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