Distraction inbound…Saint Celestine

As I await delivery of components to finish off my intended project for this year’s Pompey Pillage I’ve thought I had better make sure that my emergency backup is ready to go. This means that I need to get one more thing ready, Saint Celestine & her Geminae Superiors. 


I’ve only just started work on these today but I don’t think it’ll take long to get them sorted, but, I have settled on a more pristine gold colour than I would normally go for & have not dulled it with heavy shading. I’ve used GW Retributor Gold as the base coat & have highlighted with Liberator Gold slowly adding Runefang Steel into the mix. I’ll go over all this in more detail when I finish the unit, for now lets take a look at the unit itself.

The Flying Nuns; vital statistics

So first off with the recent 8th edition FAQ Celestine and her bodyguards are now a unique unit, so no mulitples flying around anymore…as it should be.

Celestine is absolutely brilliant for her points & she’s 2/3rds as expensive again if you buy both of her Geminae Superior (now optional). As always she’s no slouch in combat bringing six attacks on her own at a strength of 7 and ap3 due to the Ardent Blade. If you have both Geminae on the board you can add an extra 6 strength 3 ap3 attacks into that, great for windmilling into large horde units!

It’s her abilities that really make her shine however, and they don’t just affect Adepta Sororitas units. Here’s a break down of what she can do:

  • She’s retained the old Beacon of Faith rule but it works a little differently in this edition. Now it improves the Shield of Faith save for nearby  Adepta Sororitas units & also provides one at 6+ for nearby Adeptus Ministorum & Astra Militarum units.
  • Her armour confers a 4+ invulnerable save to both her & the Geminae.
  • Saintly Blessings; this ability allows a friendly Adepta Sororitas unit to perform an additional Act of Faith per turn. This is pretty powerful ability as the acts themselves are very powerful allowing an affected unit to move, shoot or pile in attack as though it were the respective phase for any of those actions. The final Act of Faith allows a unit to heal a wounded member by d3 or return a previously slain squad mate with 1 wound, pretty nifty eh?
  • Healing Tears; Celestine has retained the ability to return one slain Geminae per turn.
  • Miraculous intervention; Celestine’s signature move remains largely unchanged, she comes back from the dead once per game. The minor changes are that the first time she’s killed if there’s a Geminae still alive then she can be placed close by to that Geminae & outside of an inch if an enemy. Should she fall & there be no Geminae around then she can be placed anywhere on the board outside of 9 inches of an enemy. This ability is not guaranteed though, make sure & save a command point for that crucial re-roll!

Some other thoughts on her centre around her keywords & what they mean for her. Firstly she’s a character, even when joined by bodyguards, and enjoys all the protection benefits afforded to that status. Second is the fly keyword which makes her great for grabbing objective in the upper levels of ruins away from non-flying monstrous creatures, cavalry etc. An added benefit to this is that should she need to fall back then she can do this & still burn something with her shooting attack.

Personally I think she’s a real Swiss Army Knife for any Imperial force.


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