Upgrades Ahoy!

If you saw this afternoon’s Facebook update you’ll know that I received a special delivery this afternoon 😀

Having looked at the Primaris in the Dark Imperium box for some time now I wasn’t feeling the necessary motivation to cut up the arms for pad replacements so I started looking at other options to customise my Primaris as Red Hunters. 

I eventually stumbled onto something on Shapeways where there happens to be a great little selection of icons that are perfect fits for GW Marine shoulder pads. As there aren’t as yet specific ones for Red Hunters I settled on Skull insignia onto which I’d paint the Inquisition symbol as it’s pretty easy.

Here’s what came in the box….


For my money I got 60 insignia which will be more than enough for the forces that I’m building so very happy, especially given the quality. I’ve given them a wash & have got one onto the Librarian asap…


Ideally I would have painted the symbol onto the skull before attaching the jump pack to the miniature but needs must. Overall very happy with the result & can’t wait to get them on the rest of the minis.


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