8th Edition; Deathwatch revisited

Since my initial post about the Deathwatch we’ve had both the official books & the FAQ drop on us, but has this changed anything? The answer is yes. 

InquisitonThe biggest notable to change to Deathwatch is that in the FAQ we lost our ability to field legitimate single model units outside of fielding under strength units. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as one man units could be easily abused. Hell I fielded three single bikers in my game just fill out detachment requirements let alone trying anything tricksy.

Something I’ve noticed or more likely have only just noticed is how strict equipment selections are for our character units, namely our Terminator Captains and Librarians. Which is unfortunate as the Terminator Captain with Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield I mistakenly fielded was a beast (sorry Jim). It also means that we’re then paying a points premium for that 2+ save with none of the customisation options of other Marine Chapters, so what are our options? I’ll list my favorite picks below:

  1. Watch Captain Artemis; at the points we pay for this guy he’s an absolute steal with his ability to fling out d6 mortal wounds once per game with his Stasis Bomb, hitting on 2+ & rerolling 1’s due to his own aura he’s nothing to sniffed at. Add into the mix the rest of his wargear & that he comes with the Tenacious Survivor Warlord trait as part of his own rules you’ll see why he’s top of my list.
  2. Watch Master; only narrowly scraping into second place & again an absolute steal for his points coming in at the same price as Artemis. He has an extra wound over Artemis but his guardian spear gives him a slight edge in potential melee damage output & can make use of the special ammo in the shooting phase. His Watch Master ability is what shines though as rather than  rerolling 1’s he allows Deathwatch units to reroll missed hits, very nice!
  3. Captain: I’m a big fan of the standard Captain & my reasoning is thus… he’s cheap & has great wargear options. The humble Captain is one of our few Character options that can actually take a Storm Shield which is still one of the greatest bits of equipment a Marine can have, especially in this age of armour modifiers.

Honourable mentions go to the standard Librarian, does what he says on the tin but not strictly necessary in A Deathwatch force. The other is the Chaplain while the buff offered from Litanies of Hate is nice I have a hard time picking him over tooled up Captain, that said I imagine he’s very handy following around a combat oriented Killteam that doesn’t have support from other Characters.

There’s little to say about our other units aside from the change to minimum unit sizes as aside from certain wargear options they’re almost the same as their vanilla counterparts.


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