Nobody expects the 8th Edition Inquisition!

spanish inquisitionAs anyone I know will tell you, should you be so inclined, I am a bit of an Inquisition fanboy. Personally I blame the Inquisition War book & the Eisenhorn / Ravenor series.

Anyway I thought I’d provide a review on the current state of the Inquisition as a faction inside of 8th Edition 40k.

Inquisition; The Review

Faction Specific Rules

Firstly the biggest change is that your characters & squads now need to specify which Ordo they belong to & replace the keyword <ORDO> on their datasheet with your choice, much like the <CHAPTER> keyword for Marines. Your choice here has a direct effect on the special rule Quarry.

For Quarry should you choose Hereticus, Malleus or Xenos your units will receive a bonus of reroll to hit & wound depending on the keywords targeted by the specific Ordo. You also have the ability to create your own Ordo or use one of the lesser know ones from the background, such as Ordo Chronos, in this instance you receive the option Specialist from the Quarry rule which provides reroll 1’s to hit Characters. All of these are nice to have but not game breaking abilities.

Next up in this section we have Authority of the Inquisition, an ability which most Inquisition units have. The exception to this is the Jokaero Weaponsmith & the Daemonhost. What this ability does is that it allows the Inquisition units & characters to board any Imperial transport vehicle regardless of it’s usual specification of what can board it. It’s worth nothing that should you be using Inquisitors in Terminator Armour it does specify that should you wish to embark it into a vehicle, that vehicle still needs to be able to transport models in Terminator Armour. This does open up some interesting options for your operatives that may not normally have otherwise e.g. an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor riding in a Corvus with a Deathwatch Killteam.

Unquestionable Wisdom, this one is something you’ll find on your Inquisitors & allows Imperium units within 6″ to use the Inquisitor’s leadership value. As most of the named characters have a leadership value of ten & are relatively cheap in points this can be a good way to buff key units.

Iron Will, this allows your Inquisitor (if they’re not already a Psyker) to attempt to stop a power that is targeting them.

The Telethesia Discipline

This is the Psyker discipline available to the Inquisition & it provides some interesting tactical opportunities to an Imperial force rather than outright aggression:

  1.  Terrify; this is fast becoming one of my go to powers in any army I field that has access to it! This power is pretty easy to cast & the target unit reduces Leadership by -1 & cannot fire overwatch, pretty nifty right?
  2. Mental Fortitude; this one has a lot of potential as it’s very easy to cast & can target any Imperial unit with 18″. It then allows that unit to automatically pass morale tests until your next psychic phase which can really clutch those crucial situations.
  3. Dominate; an interesting option this one. Cast on average dice & allows you to pick an enemy character within 18″ and force them to either make a shooting attack or melee attack at an enemy unit of choice as if they were part of your army. Veeery situational but has some great comic potential.

HQ Units

Before I start it’s worth mentioning that all bar Karamazov are fairly squishy as they’re all only toughness 3 (because they’re humans) & most don’t have an invulnerable save.

  • Greyfax; pretty cheap in points & has some cool gear. The master crafted condemnor boltgun is pretty good as when targeting Psykers it gets a damage boost to 3. She also sports a Psyoculum which allows her to target enemy characters with the Psyker or Daemon keyword even if they are not the closest target. She also brings a nice boost in the form of the Indomitable ability which provides a bonus to her deny the witch tests (which she can do twice a turn). Overall great utility for her points, I would definitely recommend deploying this angry lady on the field.
  • Karamzov; the grumpiest old man in the galaxy is better in this edition, mainly as he’s significantly cheaper but he’s also has a 4+ invulnerable save to increase his mileage. He’s lost his ability to rain down orbital death from above but it was so inaccurate in previous editions (unless shooting one of your own) that it rarely added much, but, Dread Reputation now makes up for this. This rule gives enemy Psykers in range a negative buff to casting & enemy Infantry a negative buff to leadership. It’s worth noting that due to his status as a vehicle (thanks Throne of Judgement) he’s still unable to hide in a transport & can only enter the ground floor of ruins. Still I think he’s a pretty decent option now & will be picking one up for myself.
  • Coteaz; how the mighty have fallen 😦 No longer the utility powerhouse he was in 7th edition & now decidedly vanilla next to other Inquisitors. His main differences are that he has a 2+ save & the spy network ability. Spy Network now works a little differently due to characters not being able to join units, so, instead now a Ordo Malleus unit within 6″ of Coteaz can immediately shoot at an enemy unit that has just been set up. His master crafted hammer is pretty good though as it doesn’t suffer the -1 to hit like normal variants.
  • Hector Rex; from the FW Astartes Index we get this Lord of the Ordo Malleus & he’s finally useable with a whopping 96 points reduction on his price. He’s a powerful Psyker with the ability to cast twice & deny three times. But where he really shines is his gear. He comes with a 2+ save & a storm shield which makes a lot more resilient than the other options but his sword is what tips him above the rest. At it most basic level it’s the same as a force sword, but, when fighting a Daemon every hit Rex does causes a mortal wound in addition to any other damage!
  • Vanilla Inquisitor; exactly what you’d expect, relatively cheap & some extra utility. It’s worth noting that this option only has a 4+ save & no option to purchase power armour any more 😦
  • Ordo Malleus Terminator Inquisitor;  still great with some interesting gear options & most importantly a 2+ / 5++ save. This option also has the ability to teleport onto the field & get them where needed.


  • Acolytes; still a pretty interesting unit option even though all the real flavour units have moved over to the Adeptus Ministorum. Despite what’s printed in the Index the recent FAQ has lowered the wound count down to 1….sad times. These can be taken in units of 1 – 5 and every member has the ability to take a special weapon, this can up the cost a fair bit on what is normally a cheap unit but who can resist a bunch of nutters bundling out of a requisitioned drop pod with melta guns? Their other ability is Loyal Servant which can provide some protection to nearby Inquisitors by jumping in front of friendly Ordo Inquisitors within 3″ whenever they take a wound. On a 2+ the Inquisitor doesn’t take the wound but an Acolyte instead takes a mortal wound.
  • Daemonhost; sadly still too random in its abilities to be of consistent good use & only fieldable as a unit of 1 (and not a character) this fella may not see much use. It does have 3 wounds & the abilities it has aren’t terrible…maybe…maybe I’ll whip one out occasionally…
  • Jokaero; again suffered a little from the nerf bat but still ok-ish. The main problem is again being a unit of 1 (and not a character) without the Authority of the Inquisition rule to hide. The buff from the Jokaero is rolled in the shooting phase & can provide a buff to hit, wound or both to a friendly Ordo unit within 3″. Our poor little orange friend also only has a 7+ save & 5+ invulnerable to keep him safe.

Heavy Support

  • We have an entry! The Inquisitorial Land Raider Prometheus & she’s a beaut! This Land Raider gains the Quarry rule & has a transport capacity of 10 Ordo infantry. It has power of the machine spirit so it doesn’t suffer the penalty for moving & shooting heavy weapons, which is very good for those two quad heavy bolters it packs (12 shots each? Yes please!). It has smoke launchers & can explode when the final wound is taken like any other Land Raider. It’s final two bits of wargear are the icing on the cake however. The Battle Auspex stops units being shot by it from receiving the cover bonus to their saves & while your Warlord is embarked the command relay reduces the cost of your strategems by 1 (to a minimum of 1). I’ve wanted one of these for a long time & I’m finding it harder to resist 😛

These are all the options currently available as Inquisition. I think they’re definitely there to add flavour to other Imperium forces rather than a force on their own. Personally I think they offer some nice modelling opportunities for building a band of loyal henchmen to follow your Inquisitor into battle.


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