The Flying Nun & Pillage Prep

With the Pompey Pillage now less than 4 weeks away it’s time to start wrapping things up in relation to the army.

With the impending release all the new codices and the general feel in the gaming community that TO’s are about to collectively ban-hammer certain builds I’ve decided to whip out something silly while I still can. So here’s my amended list for next month…

Detachment: Super-Heavy Detachment
Faction: Imperium
Command Benefits: +3 Command Points

Knight Paladin: 458
Rapid-fire Battle Cannon, Reaper Chainsword, Heavy Stubber, Titanic Feet

Knight Errant: 430
Termal Cannon, Reaper Chainsword, Heavy Stubber, Titanic Feet

Knight Gallant: 389
Thunderstrike Gauntlet, Reaper Chainsword, Heavy Stubber, Titanic Feet

Robute Guilliman: 360

Detachment: Vanguard Detachment
Faction: Imperium
Command Benefits: +1 Command Point

Saint Celestine: 250
2x Geminae Superior

2x Crusader: 30
Power Sword, Storm Shield

9x Ratling Snipers: 63

1x Inquisitorial Acolyte: 17
Flamer, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades

Total Points: 1994

Command Points:
+3 Battle Forged
+3 Super Heavy Detachment
+3 Roboute Guilliman as Warlord
+1 Vanguard Detachment

I’ve got to admit I’m quite looking forward to trying this out as even by my standards this is a pretty small elite army. Which is quite good as most years it’s pretty damn hot during the Pillage so I have less models that I need to pay attention to. Anyway onto the main reason for today’s update, the painting…

Saint Celestine

There’s one or two more things I’ll probably do in the future, like adding script to the scrolls but for now painting is proving to be a pain in the on/off heat & humidity. But for now I’m calling her done…

I’ve kept with the snow basing that I’ve used across all my Imperial stuff so that it can all plug & play quite nicely. I’ve only the Acolyte left to do now which I should bang out pretty quickly then I can get a group shot of it all. Then I can get back on track with the Red Hunters 🙂

On the Flying Nun herself I decided to go back & redo the sword as I wasn’t happy with how it was originally but now I’m happy enough for a quick job like this. In retrospect I would advise anyone that is about to purchase and / or build this kit to paint it before assembly. I didn’t as I got excited with the Triumvirate box & assembled it all in one big hobby orgy & I have to say there are areas of these miniatures that are a colossal pain in the arse to paint when assembled. I have to say this is one of my favourites of the recent batch of releases & is surprisingly resilient even though held aloft on those scrolls.


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