The Great Pillage Paintathon Part 4

So…I’m pretty glad that I switched my list in the end. The humid weather still hasn’t let up & there’s roughly two weeks until the event meaning I’d never get my Red Hunters done in time 😦

Luckily I’ve managed to get things together for my alternative list from my last post.

After finishing off Celestine I realised that I still had an Inquisitorial Acolyte that required some brush love to get him ready for action. If you follow my instagram feed you will already have noticed him sneak in there.

I went to one of the local clubs last night for a rumble & managed to get a few shots of everything finished, I’m calling this “Imperium on Tour”…

I’m quite pleased with how the list performs overall although it does struggle against full on horde armies with “too much” to kill. But I do like low model counts in my armies as it’s far less stressful over a full weekend of games.

What to paint next though? I’m thinking maybe some Deathwatch as black primer is more easily fixed if affected by humidty.


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