Deathwatch reinforcements inbound!

Yesterday saw the release not only of the new Space Marines codex but also some delicious new Primaris units. Best release of the weekend? This little beauty!

So I can now plug the Primaris units I’ve been pondering on what to do with into my Deathwatch, so what’s making the cut?  I guess first up has to be this fella…

Redemptor Dreadnought

As soon as pics were leaked of this thing I knew I had to have one, while waiting for the legs to set during building & having a sneaky browse I find that I can add it to my Deathwatch….DONE!

I’ve opted for double gatling goodness on him along with frag launchers for pure volume of fire. I went this route as Deathwatch don’t really struggle with high power fire between frag cannons, combi meltas & the like. The last image there is a scale shot next to my “not” Primaris Captain…this thing is a beast! Introducing Brother Kane.

Oh Captain, my Captain!

As I’ve previously mentioned I’m a big fan of the Deathwatch Captain as you get a lot of bang for your buck. We also now have access to Primaris Captains but only as bare bones. So I’ll be using this  as a standard Captain, I just couldn’t resist taking the Lieutenant to the chop shop for his promotion.


He’ll be sporting this season’s must have accessories the Xenophase Blade & the ubiquitous Storm Shield.


Rounding up this batch of new recruits are a Hellblaster squad. I’ve been waiting for these guys to get permission to join the Watch since they came out & it seems my patience has been rewarded 🙂

I’ll be fielding these with a bunker to extend their lives, I mean who doesn’t want an extra 12 wounds at toughness 8? With the excellent range on the stock weapon they’ll provide a nice little firebase from their hidey hole. Oh…and they’re now 25pts cheaper on the basic squad 😀

I guess this has sealed it, Deathwatch will be under the brushes next & I’ll want to have something different painted for the 2nd Confrontation in October. I better finish a list & get painting I suppose…


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