The Watch Master Approaches

Deathwatch Watch Master

Woke up pretty early this morning so decided to crack on with a kitbash Watch Master I’ve been hunting bits for all week. 

He’s mostly built, there’s a few areas I’ll want to tidy once he’s totally dry / set but this is what he’s going to look like:

For the body I went with a Primaris Lieutenant because I wanted him to look big & imposing but next to the mk8 Death Watch Veterans he’s not too big. The arms & Guardian Spear were sourced from left over Custodes bits.

I had decided I wanted him to have a cape like the original miniature & knew I had a couple knocking about somewhere. The first one I looked at was the cape from the Custodes sprue, but I didn’t want the markings on there & decided I wasn’t getting them off without butchering it. I then found one that went spare from a Scibor kit I used for a conversion a few months ago. As it had a fur trim I decided I had to make a Space Wolf which led neatly onto my choice of head 😀

I’m not going to pretend I know what kit it’s from, but the name Harald sticks in my head….so I’m going with Harald McSpace Viking.

The final component was the power plant & that came from a mk3 rapier crewman. I can’t wait to paint this guy & now obviously want to use him in my army….back to the list drawing board.


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