The Pompey Sector burns this night!

This weekend saw the annual Pompey Pillage event return & as always the event was a colossal amount of fun with a great bunch of people.

The event took the form of five games of 8th edition 40k spread over two days, and we’re talking pure, uncut, out of the book 40 Ammerz (see what I did there).

The list I took was a bit of a mish-mash of the Imperium but it appears to have paid off with a final standing of 5th overall, I have thus dubbed the list “Imperium on Tour”


There was a great mix of armies & 8th really seems to have shaken up the balance of power, a notable example of this going out of day one there had even been two Sisters of Battle armies vying for dominance on the top tables!

The spread of armies I faced were as follows…


I’ve not played against Tyranids in a veeery long time & this was quite something to behold as they’re utterly terrifying on the field. My opponent was Chris from Pompey Pirates & he’s probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever played to be honest. I can’t really remember what was in his list but notable units were:

  • 3x Biovores: Wow, these guys are pretty good at throwing mortal wounds about & they really add up over the course of a game.
  • The Swarm Lord: Bit of a beast but the most horrifying thing was the additional move for the big Genestealer swarms
  • Genestealers: Ah now it was a pleasure to see these guys returned to combat kings they were when I was a kid…utterly brutal!
  • Exocrine: Someone put his big-boy pants on when 7th left the building, the firepower even a single one of these brings is serious pause for thought when moving your units about the field.

This game was so damn close & my only loss of the weekend with a single vp separating myself & Chris…well played mate 🙂

Space Wolves

Had a nice chilled game two which was nice as it allowed me time to apply some soothing lotion to my savaged bum hole. The list I was facing was packing a lot of gun with three units of Long Fangs & some serious psychic potential with two Rune Priests & Njal…oh and Logan was running about to!

I think my mvp in this game was definitely Saint Celestine as she took my opponent’s half of the board pretty much single handed.

Tau Empire

Game three & closing day one for me was a particularly bloody fight with the Tau Empire. The list my opponent was using would have been terrifying to face with any other army I might have taken to the event as his massed suits would just be removing squads.

The Tau general tried to deepstrike a huge amount of firepower onto the field but thankfully Guilliman deployed the Imperial forces like the anally retentive arsehole he is & forced them into dropping in the midfield with not better option to damage.

IMG_1072It seems Tau have changed a fair bit in this edition as they have lost the ability to scarper from trouble in the assault phase & I think that is really costing them at the moment, let’s see what the codex brings.

…oh & Storm Surges are pretty impressive, the sheer amount of gun those things pack is not to be under estimated!

Militarium Tempestus

Wombling into the gaming hall on day two I find out my opponent from the previous evening’s parings has dropped out & so had the opponent of the guy I ended up playing.

He was rocking an army of Scions, White Scars & a small Mechanicus contingent. The mission was The Relic…I’ve not got a good track record for this mission so decided to give it a proper read before we started. Having realised that I didn’t have many models that could actually pick it up I had to stop him from doing it instead. I got first turn & surrounded the relic with the big fellas…

IMG_1074Once bodies & shots started flying I abandoned my position & went for carnage instead which ended with the swing of Celestine’s sword on turn 4…


Grey Knights

This was by far the toughest game of the event for me & it was brutal….oh god was it brutal!

The mission was spoils of war & my opponent got an early lead on the tactical objectives forcing my to play both aggressive & smart. We only had one rules discussion between us as it was at a crucial point of the game I asked if he’d mind if we got a TO ruling on it. Now, I’ve been to many events over the years & have seen this turn quite nasty at times & this was the exact opposite and an absolute pleasure, even with the ruling not being in my favour. So a big thanks to Maxwell for not only a great game but a very positive experience 🙂

It became clear to me though I had a fair bit of ground to make up with poor tactical draws for two turns & so had to start putting out as much damage as possible & trying to get him off the table.

Having just had Draigo go through the Knight Errant like a hot knife through butter (thanks Hammerhand) Guilliman had to step in & this required a Hail Mary charge & thankfully it paid off. Had this not happened then I fairly certain the game would have gone the other direction.

IMG_1079This game ended on turn 5 as I had just enough left to take down the survivors, mostly due to Celestine getting an extra move from praying really, really hard & getting her to the Vindicare Assassin hiding in the distance.

Once again Steve & the other organisers did a great job running the event & I can’t wait for next year.


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