Ghouls, ghouls, ghouls…looking for a good time!

Been having a blitz through the Flesh Eaters at the moment to have them game ready. This latest batch contains 30 Ghouls, a Varghulf Courtier, an Abhorrent Ghoul King and a Zombie Dragon.

Crypt Ghouls

This batch is three units of 10 Crypt Ghouls to fulfill the battleline requirement for my army. They’re stuck at this size as due to running the Royal Menagerie battalion I don’t have a lot of points for more.

I do like the Ghoul miniatures but I can’t see myself painting up the other 40 – 50 I have anytime soon as they are a bit of a ball ache due to the amount of odd bits of crap attached to them…just when think you’re done…BOOM…another random bone piercing

Zombie Dragon

This fella is converted up from an old Dark Elf Black Dragon…if I remember correctly it’s the one from the Beastlord Rakarth kit.

It’s far from the greatest Dragon kit GW have ever produced but it’ll do the job.

Abhorrent Ghoul King

This fella is my support caster in the army usually spending his time slinging Mystic Shield at King on Terrorgheist & activating the buff on the Varghulf Courtier.

This miniature is one of the old GW Strigoi Vampires & the splattered Ghoul on his base is from the Heresy Miniatures special Ghoul King that I’ve used as my general.

Varghulf Courtier

My final support-ish character, he’s there to provide an additional mobile threat with decent damage output & the ability to add Ghouls back to damaged units.

With this batch out the way I only have the two unridden Terrorgheists to paint. I’ll be running these out this weekend at a local club event, which will be good practice for the South Coast GT in May.


3 thoughts on “Ghouls, ghouls, ghouls…looking for a good time!

  1. I love the Flesh Eaters fluff & play style but the minis are hideous and so I have literally no motivation to paint them outside of being event legal.

    This paint scheme is all about speed and it bugs me that it’s nowhere near what I’m capable of skill-wise but I guess whatever my next AoS project is I’m going to want something less drab and uses a bit more skill to complete.

    I’m also in two minds about the Dragon, I love it because it hails from a great period of Warhammer history…but…it suffers from being a bit naff like a lot of models its age…that & me not really wanting to paint it 😛


  2. Fluff and to a lesser extend playstyle will beat out lesser sculpts any day. For me to immerse myself in the hobby at least.
    Looking at what you did with your Guillimans Angels or the Deathwatch HQs hints at what you are capable of paint wise, so there’S clearly no doubt about that.
    Even if the army doesn’t win the painting competition it’s still a very solid army. Best of luck for the tournament!


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