Another day, another event

I’m quite happy as this week I’ve managed to remember to buy my ticket for an event coming up later in the year down here on the South Coast.

The event in question is the 2nd Confrontation. This event is run by the talented Ricky over at Confrontation Events & this will be his second annual singles event (there was also a doubles event early in the year that was great fun). Continue reading

Weekend distractions in the 41st Millennium

In the middle of last week I got a message from a buddy I’ve not properly seen for quite a while letting me know that he’s finally got a weekend off & asking if I would like to hook up for some 40ammerz (see what I did there?)

As it turned out not only did he only have a weekend off but he’s also manged to get time off for the Pompey Pillage so we decided to get some practice in.  Continue reading

The Great Pillage Paint-athon part 1

Just a quick post today.

I’ve started painting my list of items to get my list ready for the Pompey Pillage & decided to start things off with the Ratling squads. I’ve managed to get these little buggers done pretty quickly by colour batching so we’re only talking about a few hours over a couple of days to get these done.

Continue reading