March of the Machines

Just a quick one today, I managed to get my Adeptus Mechanicus army out & on the table last night ahead of the 2nd Confrontation this weekend.

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Satisfied Beep! That’ll do…

Aaaand breathe!

So I’ve managed to get my last minute army decision a) submitted to the TO in time and b) all the unpainted elements are at a stage where I’m happy enough to put them on a table.

These will certainly do as gaming standard for now but there’s so many little details hidden all over these minis there’s no way I won’t be going back at a later date to do more to these…I’ll also not be changing my mind 2.5 weeks before an event ever again lol.

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Battle report: Space Wolves vs Adeptus Mechanicus 8th Ed. 40k

This weekend saw the release of 8th edition 40k & so this will be my first official battle report. I’ll be using my Mechanicus force from the previous project log posts so apologies for the unfinished minis.

The game: Space Wolves vs Adeptus Mechanicus

  • Mission: Deadlock (Maelstrom of War)
  • Deployment: Dawn of War

Wolves have first turn, AdMech fail to steal.

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Do Tech-Priests dream of electric sheep?

This is going to be a long slog getting each force up to speed so I shall endeavor to keep the hobby A.D.D. to a minimum & focus on one force at a time.


First up for reorgansing are my Adetpus Mechanicus. It’s not an overly large force as it started during the Gathering Storm with the release of Cawl & the Grand Convocation detachment which mean I could have Knights & Skitarii in one detachment.

As I’m sure you’re aware all the rules for 8th edition were leaked & readily available if you know where to look. Giddy with excitement I’ve been looking at these a lot & have been able to organise the miniatures I want to use into a workable list:

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