The great 8th edition unit test…Deathwatch

Continuing down the road of testing out what my man-dollies can do in the new edition of 40k is an ongoing process at the moment.

Last night I met up with one of my besties for some scientific dice rolling at our FLGS so that he could further test out Ork units & I decided to pull my long suffering Deathwatch out from the back of the hobby cupboard.

I managed to play a few games with Death watch in 7th & have always found it hard not to go down the “Pimp my Killteam” style of list building. I mean they struggle to put numbers on the board anyway but who in their right mind can resist all the sweet gear? *cough*FRAG CANNON*cough* With that in mind I thought why change the habit of a lifetime, or at least one edition of 40k?

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