Guilliman’s Angels…part 3

Things have been a little slow lately but the brushes are back out & in action.

If you hadn’t guessed from the title of this post I’ve been continuing work on my Supreme Command Detachment of Ultramarines…

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I said Damn! -ed

Been a bit quiet lately due to being a bit ill but the hobby train is slowly regaining momentum so the brushes will be back in action shortly.

In the meantime I’ve been making plans to finish off my long neglected Legion of the Damned project with a funky list for 8th edition.

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Satisfied Beep! That’ll do…

Aaaand breathe!

So I’ve managed to get my last minute army decision a) submitted to the TO in time and b) all the unpainted elements are at a stage where I’m happy enough to put them on a table.

These will certainly do as gaming standard for now but there’s so many little details hidden all over these minis there’s no way I won’t be going back at a later date to do more to these…I’ll also not be changing my mind 2.5 weeks before an event ever again lol.

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Project Deathwatch … Part 6

It’s been a hobby heavy week this week in an attempt to keep on track for October. All I can say is that it’s good that I really wanted a Deathwatch army or these buggers were never getting painted…black is such a chore.

Anyway, this week I’ve managed to sort out the second Killteam for the list, Artemis and the Librarian so I’m quite pleased. This means I only have ten more miniatures to paint in roughly four weeks!

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