Upgrades Ahoy!

If you saw this afternoon’s Facebook update you’ll know that I received a special delivery this afternoon 😀

Having looked at the Primaris in the Dark Imperium box for some time now I wasn’t feeling the necessary motivation to cut up the arms for pad replacements so I started looking at other options to customise my Primaris as Red Hunters.  Continue reading


Weekend distractions in the 41st Millennium

In the middle of last week I got a message from a buddy I’ve not properly seen for quite a while letting me know that he’s finally got a weekend off & asking if I would like to hook up for some 40ammerz (see what I did there?)

As it turned out not only did he only have a weekend off but he’s also manged to get time off for the Pompey Pillage so we decided to get some practice in.  Continue reading

The Great Pillage Paint-athon part 1

Just a quick post today.

I’ve started painting my list of items to get my list ready for the Pompey Pillage & decided to start things off with the Ratling squads. I’ve managed to get these little buggers done pretty quickly by colour batching so we’re only talking about a few hours over a couple of days to get these done.

Continue reading