The Ordo Xenos needs you!

My Deathwatch recruitment drive carries on in earnest. Today I’ve been working on inducting an Intercessor Squad into the Watch & a minor head swap on a Blackshield for one of my Killteams…

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Deathwatch reinforcements inbound!

Yesterday saw the release not only of the new Space Marines codex but also some delicious new Primaris units. Best release of the weekend? This little beauty!

So I can now plug the Primaris units I’ve been pondering on what to do with into my Deathwatch, so what’s making the cut?  I guess first up has to be this fella…

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The Flying Nun & Pillage Prep

With the Pompey Pillage now less than 4 weeks away it’s time to start wrapping things up in relation to the army.

With the impending release all the new codices and the general feel in the gaming community that TO’s are about to collectively ban-hammer certain builds I’ve decided to whip out something silly while I still can. So here’s my amended list for next month…

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Another day, another event

I’m quite happy as this week I’ve managed to remember to buy my ticket for an event coming up later in the year down here on the South Coast.

The event in question is the 2nd Confrontation. This event is run by the talented Ricky over at Confrontation Events & this will be his second annual singles event (there was also a doubles event early in the year that was great fun). Continue reading